The Levante is coming

May 7th, 2016 by

As nice, warm summer weather finally settles in Buffalo there is a tangible buzz brewing as summer activities go into full swing. Graduations, outdoor patios and boats being unwrapped and placed back in the marinas. This is what we look forward to all winter long, battling through the cold knowing that on the horizon another beautiful Buffalo summer is just around the corner. Warm days on the lake with a light breeze, friends and good times are what many here look forward to all year long. Hoping for good weather to enjoy however sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas. Out of nowhere strong winds can rise, bringing saturated air in from the west altering plans, and taking everyone by surprise.

This very sudden, and altering storm was Maserati’s vison with their new SUV, the Levante. Named after a Mediterranean wind that can rise and alter the Mediterranean in an instant. Here at Towne Maserati we are ecstatic about Maserati’s decision to attack the luxury SUV segment with such urgency and dynamism. The Levante will capture the very essence of what Maserati means; luxury, performance, Italian design and versatility. Maserati’s historic ability to connect the driver and their vehicles emotionally and physically has not stopped with the Levante. Maserati’s SQ4 all-wheel drive system, twin turbo V6 engines and adaptive suspensions provide for an exclusive driving experience only offered in the Maserati of SUVs, the Levante.

Preorders are now available for the Levante scheduled for an October arrival in the United States. Do not hesitate to stop in or call for more information regarding this stunning piece of Italian art. The Levante is coming.

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